Choosenick. Notes and observations on service design, as well as other interesting things/thinking. By Nick Marsh.

About me

My name's Nick Marsh, and I'm a designer living in London. I'm interested in design in a very broad sense, but for a long time now I've been interested in how design can help improve services - mainly in terms of the design of better service experiences, but also in terms of how design-led methods and strategies can drive better organisational performance and build stronger innovation cultures.

I'm currently the service design director at Sidekick Studios, a remarkable social innovation company where I use these approaches to help support positive social change. Before that I worked at EMC Consulting as a user experience designer and experience planner, and before that at Engine Service Design as a service designer. I started my career at the UK Design Council.

I have a first class degree in design from Goldsmiths. I'm a fellow of the RSA, and I'm a UK Design Council mentor. I live in South London with my wife, daughter and two cats. I like riding bikes.

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